Associate Organisations

A leading local voluntary organization that influences the quality of our built environment. We have more than 400 members from all walks of life: people who live or work in Chester, and others who have a strong interest in this very special city. Some people join our committee and policy development. Others just like to receive our regular newsletter, stay in touch and become a general supporter. It doesn’t matter – we think we can offer something for everyone. You need to be eligible for membership to be interested in Chester. A trust is a registered charity with no political background. We are recognized by local authorities as illegally consulted and our independent opinions are widely respected by local policymakers. We also work with other local organizations to actively support civil society movements in the region and across the country.

United Kingdom: Chichester Walls Walk Trust Guided tours around and around the Roman walls of Chichester. Talk about the interest in history or archaeology around Chichester. Great Britain: York Archaeological Trust

York Archaeological Excavation and Research Ltd is an educational charity founded in 1972 in York. It conducts archaeological surveys, field trips, excavations and research in Yorkshire, Yorkshire and throughout the UK and beyond. Its staff includes experts in archaeological excavations, historical building analysis and documentation, artifacts, conservation and research, archaeological calculations, illustrations and design. It publishes a variety of hard copy and web based reports, popular books and information resources; more details are available on its website. It provides an opportunity to participate in archaeological investigations through its annual training “Archaeology Live” and also serves community archaeologists in York.