About Us

This association was founded in 1989 in Tenby South Wales. Was developed as an international forum of promoting different mutual interests shared by Europe’s wallet towns. The main purpose to maintain the historic wallet towns were placed on the list to be developed after it was expressed in 1998 in Piran at an annual general meeting and thus it was given the name Piran declaration.

Wallet towns are known to be unique inheritances since the past and there was a need for them to be maintained, treasured and safeguarded from possible neglect, destruction and damage and it later passed on into limestones of history.

To this time, the association has managed to hit a hundred walled town members in over 20 countries. To add to this, 25 individuals and 10 organization involved with walled towns are associate members.

The association secretariat consists of:

Mr. Joseph Spiteri as their president, Gabriella Agius as the secretary general, Victor Sladden as their advisor, Matthew Carbonaro is their marketing and communication secretary and lastly, we have Elaine Caruana as their secretary.

There is conduction of an executive meeting twice a year and up to two delegates represent its members from different countries. To add to this, there is a reservation of two executive places for the representatives from the Associate individual and organizations members.