What is European Walled Towns? 

This is an international association in Europe for sustainable development of fortified historic towns, walled cities, and towns. Its main objective is promoting the various mutual interests that are shared by the walled towns. The association wishes to strengthen and maintain the historic walled towns to generations that will come simply by partaking in different European projects and applying for European funding.

Walled towns is a historic remnant of European culture and lifestyle, a whole lot of history is present in these towns, and preserving these infrastructures for future and upcoming generations is important, that’s why organizations like The European Walled Towns (EWT), an international-based walled towns preservation association are making it their top priority to see these artifacts preserved and kept radiant.

Taking up a project like this isn’t so easy, that’s why the E.U Should consider assisting financially with a cause like this preserving walled towns isn’t so cheap and require lots of manpower and capital.
Progress already has been made, as of this moment the EWT has over 100 walled town members in more than 20 countries, now that a big task accomplished by one association, in the future to come, these walled towns will server a greater purpose, it could become a national street museum, that sheds light on the way our ancestors lived during certain times, and it can also serve as an inspiration for artworks, paintings drawings, etc. The EWT holds an annual convention/meeting which started from 1991, originally at Cardiff (UK) and ever since the annual meeting has been hosted in different countries including France, Netherlands, Ireland and more. The last meeting in 2018 was hosted in Valletta and had a record amount of members to attend at once, spreading and strengthening the walled community.

Relics from the past needs to be preserved, and that’s the reason why we have museums, but in the case of walled towns, a museum may not necessarily be the most applicable method of preserving it, but they are other ways to do so, the EWT are doing important and crucial work in maintaining and preserving these towns, but it comes at a very expensive price, so getting support from the government and unions alike, would greatly impact the progress towards the preservation of this European history.

Their objectives:

  • To bring about an exchange of knowledge and experience in different fields.
  • Promoting member interests. 
  • Bring great support to the walled towns their history in the current day functioning.
  • To get European and other funds
  • To greatly enlarge member networks
  • Come up with projects that will stimulate an exchange
  • Try possible to convene regular symposia in their member towns.